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Install Certificate Cobalt

Go to the Server Management screen.

Click the green icon (Wrench for RaQ4, Pencil for XTR) next to the SSL enabled virtual site

Click SSL Settings on the left side.

Copy the entire contents of the site certificate that you received from GlobalSign, including
Paste the new certificate information that you copied into the "Certificate" window.
Select Use manually entered certificate from the pull-down menu at the bottom.
Click "Save Changes"
Once you have done the above, please insure the Intermediate certificate is installed.
Access the httpd config file.
In the GlobalSSL Setting in the httpd.conf file, you will need to complete the following:
1. Copy the GloablSign intermediates to the same directory as httpd.conf and name it ca.txt
2. Add the following line to the SSL section of the httpd.conf: SSLCaCertificateFile /etc/httpd/conf/ca.txt
Note: If you are using a different location and certificate file names you will need to change the path and filename to reflect the path and file name that you are using.

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