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Install Certificate Ensim

Copy the certificate from GlobalSign and paste it into a text editor ( notepad) to create text files. Name this file yourdomain.txt and save it in a convenient place. (These instructions apply for both Ensim Pro and Ensim 3.x)
1. Click SSL Settings - access to this link may differ depending on your version of Ensim:
(If you are running Ensim Pro. In the shortcuts section of the Home page, click SSL Settings in the Web Server section. Or if you are running Ensim 3.x, click the Services link on the left, then click the Edit button for the Apache Web Server service)

Then in the Apache Web Server Manager click the SSL Settings link.
2. Select Import at the bottom of the SSL Settings form.
3. Copy the contents of yourdomain.txt and paste it into the Certificate text box
Be sure to include -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- through -----END CERTIFICATE-----
4. Select Save.
5. Please restart the ensim web server, this will insure the domain is secured.

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