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Installation Instructions - Weblogic 6.0

GeoTrust will email you your certificate. If the certificate is an attachment (Cert.cer), you can use the file. If the certificate is in the body of the email, copy and paste it into a text file (such as OriginalCert.txt) using Vi or Notepad. Do not use Microsoft Word or other word processing programs that may add characters.

Confirm that there are no extra lines or spaces in the file.

  1. Open the Administration Console.
  2. Open the Server Configuration window.
  3. Select the SSL tab. This is the configuration for your certificate where you can define the location of the certificate and other properties. Define the fields on this tab by entering values and checking  the required checkboxes.
  4. Click the Apply button to save your changes.
  5. Reboot the WebLogic Server for the changes to take effect.

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